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Storage Doors


We know that when you're working to get everything into storage quickly, you may be feeling overwhelmed or in a rush. Because of this, we've come up with the following tips to help make storing your belongings as easy as possible.

  • Don't store boxes on the cement floor- The weather changes here and your boxes could end up getting wet if you put them directly on the cement. Instead, raise them up on pallets or wood.

  • Don't store flammables- This includes gas, oil, paint thinner, aerosol, etc.

  • Take an inventory of your boxes- This allows you to know what you've got stored and what boxes they're stored in.

  • Wrap everything in bubble wrap- Bubble wrap provides an extra layer of protection from drops and jostling. It's worth the investment of a couple dollars worth of bubble wrap.

  • Disassemble your furniture before storing- This helps maximize space and time for getting belongings in and out of your storage unit.

  • Leave a small bit of space between your boxes and the walls- This promotes good air circulation and will help keep things dry should moisture enter the unit.

  • Put cardboard over glass frames- This will help make sure your picture frames and mirrors don't shatter if they get banged into.

  • Leave a pathway in your unit- This will allow you to access your boxes without having to move them each time you enter the unit.

  • Don't use plastic bags to store things- Once again, moisture can enter the units and plastic bags promote mildew growth. Use boxes and paper bags where possible.

Storage Tips: Packing Tips
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